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Lakers crush Cavs 112-57 in best defensive effort

Kobe Bryant, Mo 
LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles Lakers humiliated the Cleveland Cavaliers while sending them to their 11th straight loss, rolling to a 112-57 victory on Tuesday night in their best defensive performance in the shot clock era.
Ron Artest and Andrew Bynum each scored 15 points, while Pau Gasol had 13 points and 14 rebounds. Kobe Bryant, Lamar Odom and Shannon Brown also scored 13 points for the defending NBA champion Lakers, who led the league’s worst team by 32 points at halftime on their way to winning their fifth in a row.
Reserves Alonzo Gee scored 12 points and Ramon Sessions 10. Cleveland’s point total was a record low by a Lakers opponent. The Cavs shot 30 percent, were outscored 52-28 in the paint and committed 19 turnovers in losing for the 21st time in their last 22 games. They fell to 8-30 overall, 3-18 on the road and 1-5 against the Western Conference.
Brown hit a 3-pointer from just inside halfcourt to end the third quarter and give Los Angeles a 92-41 lead, the first time an NBA team has led by that many after three since Nov. 8, 2001, when Chicago was ahead of Minnesota.
Since LeBron James’ offseason departure, the Cavaliers have gone from being a perennial playoff team that went 7-3 against the Lakers in their previous 10 meetings to a team struggling with injuries and mounting losses.
And after their acrimonious parting, James seems to be taking delight in his former team’s embarrassing performance. While it wasn’t clear what he was referring to on Twitter, he posted this while the game was getting out of hand: “Crazy. Karma is a b.. Gets you every time. Its not good to wish bad on anybody. God sees everything!”
The Cavs were without starting center Anderson Varejao, who tore his right ankle in a routine conditioning drill. Also missing were missing Joey Graham (right quad strain), Daniel Gibson (left ankle sprain), Leon Powe (right torn meniscus) and Anthony Parker (lower back strain).
Notes: The Lakers improved to 6-2 in the first game of back-to-backs. They’ll visit Golden State on Wednesday. … Gibson rejoined the Cavs in Los Angeles and will continue rehabbing his left ankle sprain as the team travels to Utah and Denver. … Lakers F Matt Barnes had surgery on a torn lateral meniscus in his right knee earlier Tuesday. He’s expected to be out eight weeks. … Staff Sgt. Salvatore Giunta, Medal of Honor recipient from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, delivered the ball to center court before the game.
LeBron sees ‘karma’ in Cavs’ 55-point loss
 Lakers crush Cavs 112 57 in best defensive effort
CLEVELAND – LeBron James has tweaked Dan Gilbert — and the Cavaliers owner’s miserable NBA team — with a pointed tweet.
As James’ former teammates were absorbing a 55-point loss to the Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday night, the player fired off a message on his Twitter account that seemed to be directed at Gilbert.
James wrote: “Crazy. Karma is a b—-.. Gets you every time. Its not good to wish bad on anybody. God sees everything!”
In July, after James announced he was leaving for Miami, Gilbert wrote a scathing letter to Cleveland fans questioning the two-time MVP’s character and predicting he would take Cleveland’s curse with him “down south. … James will unfortunately own this dreaded spell and bad karma.”
The 112-57 loss to the Lakers was the Cavs’ 11th straight and their most lopsided since joining the league in 1970.
Afterward, Cavs guard Mo Williams tweeted: “embarrassing, I feel like I can’t even show my face in Cleve.”
James and Gilbert have been at odds since the summer, when the superstar decided to join forces in Miami with fellow superstars Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. In an interview with The Associated Press in the hours after James’ announcement during an hour-long TV special, Gilbert accused James of quitting in the playoffs the past two seasons.
And while both insist they’ve moved on, James’ tweet seems to show he has lingering bitterness toward Gilbert.
His social network message was poorly received in Cleveland, where fans still feel betrayed by him spurning them. It’s bad enough the Cavs are struggling, but James decided to kick them when they’re down.
The Akron native was rudely received by Cleveland fans when he returned on Dec. 2. The Heat demolished the Cavs 118-90 that night, and both teams haven’t been the same since. Miami has gone 19-1 after their visit too Cleveland, while the Cavs are 1-20.
Little has gone right this season for Cleveland, which got off to a 7-9 start. But the losses have been mounting along with several key injuries. Last week, hustling center Anderson Varejao suffered a season-ending injury when he tore an ankle tendon during a non-contact running drill in practice.
But the Cavs, who had the league’s best regular-season record the past two seasons with James, were playing poorly before Varejao went down. Now, they can only hope they’ve reached rock bottom.
In their epic loss to the Lakers, the Cavs played three rookies for long stretches and established a new team record for fewest points. They also sustained their worst loss since getting beat 141-87 in the 11th game of their inaugural 1970 season.
The Lakers nearly doubled Cleveland’s point total. It was so bad that the Lakers could have gone scoreless in the second half — and still forced overtime! The blowout was especially disturbing to first-year Cleveland coach Byron Scott, a proud member of the Lakers’ “Showtime” teams.
“I thought that was embarrassing,” Scott said. “I told them at halftime, ‘You look scared. You look scared to death.’ That was my take on it, as simple as that.”
Cavs forward Antawn Jamison was at a loss for words.
“In 13 years, I can honestly say I ain’t ever felt that embarrassed to be on the basketball court,” he said. “There’s nothing else you can really say.”
Cavaliers humiliated by 55-point loss to Lakers
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The Cleveland Cavaliers’ most lopsided loss ever has their players feeling humiliated, dejected and running for cover.
“I feel like I can’t even show my face in Cleve,” guard Mo Williams said on his Twitter account after the Los Angeles Lakers crushed the Cavaliers 112-57 Tuesday.
The loss set club records for margin of defeat and fewest points in a game. It also established a Lakers record for fewest points allowed in a game.
Cleveland has an NBA-worst 8-30 record, having dropped 11 in a row and 21 of their last 22 games.
“It can’t get any worse than this,” Cavaliers forward Antawn Jamison told reporters. “I don’t know how much of this I can take but this by far is rock bottom.
“It’s definitely, by far, one of the most embarrassing moments that I’ve been a part of as far as the game of basketball.”
Even LeBron James seems to have gotten into the act. Although he never specifically mentioned Dan Gilbert, the Cavaliers’ owner appears to have been the intended target on James’s Twitter account.
“Karma is a b****.. Gets you every time,” the departed Cavalier tweeted after the Lakers blow-out. “Its (sic) not good to wish bad on anybody. God sees everything!”
Gilbert had berated James last summer after he left to join All-Stars Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh with the Miami Heat, saying James will bring his “bad karma” to South Florida.
The Cavaliers had been one of the NBA’s top teams before James left. But he is not the only reason for their slump.
Injuries have hit Cleveland hard with starters Anderson Varejao, Daniel Gibson and Anthony Parker all missing the Lakers game.
“They are going through rough times,” Lakers forward Pau Gasol said. “It’s unfortunate. Fortune is not on their side right now as far as staying healthy.
Lakers menghancurkan Cavs 112-57 dalam usaha terbaik defensif 0diggsdigg 0 komentar Kobe Bryant, Williams Mo 1diggdigg 0 inShare 1
LOS ANGELES - Los Angeles Lakers mempermalukan Cleveland Cavaliers saat mengirim mereka kehilangan 11 lurus mereka, rolling untuk kemenangan 112-57 pada Selasa malam dalam performa terbaik pertahanan mereka di era tembakan jam.
Ron Artest dan Andrew Bynum masing-masing mencetak 15 poin, sementara Pau Gasol memiliki 13 poin dan 14 rebound. Kobe Bryant, Lamar Odom dan Shannon Brown juga mencetak 13 poin untuk Lakers juara bertahan NBA, yang memimpin tim liga terburuk sebesar 32 poin pada babak pertama dalam perjalanan mereka untuk menang kelima mereka berturut-turut.
Cadangan Alonzo Gee mencetak 12 poin dan Ramon Sessions 10. Total poin Cleveland adalah rekor rendah oleh lawan Lakers. Cavs menembak 30 persen, adalah outscored 52-28 di cat dan melakukan 19 turnovers di kehilangan untuk kali ke-21 dalam 22 pertandingan terakhir mereka. Mereka jatuh ke 8-30 keseluruhan, 3-18 di jalan dan 1-5 melawan Wilayah Barat.
Brown hit 3-pointer dari hanya dalam halfcourt sampai akhir kuartal ketiga dan memberikan Los Angeles unggul 92-41, pertama kali tim NBA telah dipimpin oleh banyak setelah tiga sejak 8 November,, 2001 ketika Chicago depan Minnesota.
Sejak keberangkatan offseason LeBron James, Cavaliers telah berubah dari sebuah tim Playoff abadi yang berlangsung 7-3 melawan Lakers dalam 10 pertemuan mereka sebelumnya kepada tim berjuang dengan cedera dan kerugian pemasangan.
Dan setelah perpisahan sengit mereka, James tampaknya akan mengambil kegembiraan dalam kinerja tim memalukan mantan nya. Meskipun tidak jelas apa yang mengacu pada Twitter, ia diposting ini saat permainan itu keluar dari tangan: "Crazy. Karma adalah b.. Gets Anda setiap waktu. Its baik tidak berharap buruk pada siapa pun. Allah melihat semuanya! "
Cavs itu tanpa memulai pusat Anderson Varejao, yang merobek pergelangan kaki kanan dalam latihan pengkondisian rutin. Juga hilang hilang Joey Graham (strain quad kanan), Daniel Gibson (kiri keseleo pergelangan kaki), Leon Powe (kanan robek meniskus) dan Anthony Parker (strain punggung bawah).
Catatan: The Lakers meningkat menjadi 6-2 pada pertandingan pertama back-to-punggung. Mereka akan mengunjungi Golden State pada hari Rabu. ... Gibson bergabung dengan Cavs di Los Angeles dan akan terus rehabbing keseleo pergelangan kaki kirinya sebagai tim perjalanan ke Utah dan Denver. ... Lakers F Matt Barnes menjalani operasi pada meniskus lateral robek di lutut kanannya Selasa sebelumnya. Dia diperkirakan akan keluar delapan minggu. ... Staff Sgt. Salvatore Giunta, Medal of Honor penerima dari perang di Afghanistan dan Irak, bola dikirim ke pengadilan pusat sebelum pertandingan.
LeBron melihat 'karma' rugi Cavs '55-point
Lakers Cavs menghancurkan 112 57 upaya defensif terbaik
CLEVELAND - LeBron James telah tweak Dan Gilbert - dan tim sengsara pemilik Cavaliers's NBA - dengan tweet runcing.
Sebagai mantan rekan James 'yang menyerap kehilangan 55 poin ke Los Angeles Lakers pada Selasa malam, pemain menembakkan pesan di akun Twitter-nya yang tampaknya diarahkan pada Gilbert.
Yakobus menulis: "Crazy. Karma adalah sebuah b - .. Gets Anda setiap waktu. Its baik tidak berharap buruk pada siapa pun. Allah melihat semuanya! "
Pada bulan Juli, setelah James mengumumkan ia berangkat ke Miami, Gilbert menulis surat pedas untuk fans Cleveland mempertanyakan karakter MVP dua-waktu dan memprediksi ia akan membawa kutukan Cleveland dengan dia "di selatan. ... James sayangnya akan memiliki mantra ini ditakuti dan karma buruk. "
Kerugian 112-57 untuk Lakers adalah Cavs '11 lurus dan paling miring mereka sejak bergabung dengan liga tahun 1970.
Setelah itu, Cavs guard Mo Williams tweeted: "memalukan, aku merasa seperti aku tidak bisa bahkan menunjukkan wajah saya di Cleve."
James dan Gilbert telah berselisih sejak musim panas, ketika superstar memutuskan untuk bergabung di Miami dengan sesama superstar Dwyane Wade dan Chris Bosh. Dalam sebuah wawancara dengan The Associated Press dalam jam setelah pengumuman James 'selama TV jam khusus yang panjang, Gilbert menuduh James dari berhenti di babak playoff dua musim terakhir.
Dan sementara keduanya bersikeras mereka sudah pindah, cicit James 'tampaknya untuk menunjukkan bahwa ia telah melekat kepahitan terhadap Gilbert.
pesan jaringan sosial Nya buruk diterima di Cleveland, di mana para fans masih merasa dikhianati oleh dia spurning mereka. Sudah cukup buruk Cavs berjuang, tapi James memutuskan untuk menendang mereka ketika mereka sedang down.
Asli Akron telah kasar diterima oleh fans Cleveland ketika ia kembali pada 2 Desember. Heat menghancurkan Cavs 118-90 malam itu, dan kedua tim belum sama sejak. Miami telah pergi 19-1 setelah kunjungan mereka juga Cleveland, sedangkan Cavs adalah 1-20.
Little telah pergi tepat musim ini untuk Cleveland, yang turun ke awal 7-9. Tapi kerugian telah meningkat seiring dengan cedera beberapa kunci. Pekan lalu, pusat bergegas Anderson Varejao mengalami cedera akhir musim ketika ia merobek sebuah tendon pergelangan kaki saat menghubungi-non berjalan bor dalam praktek.
Tapi Cavs, yang telah merekam terbaik liga reguler-musim dua musim terakhir dengan James, sedang bermain buruk sebelum Varejao turun. Sekarang, mereka hanya bisa berharap mereka telah mencapai dasar batu.
Rugi epik mereka ke Lakers, Cavs bermain tiga pemula untuk jangka yang lama dan mendirikan rekor tim baru untuk poin paling sedikit. Mereka juga mengalami kerugian terburuk mereka sejak mendapatkan mengalahkan 141-87 dalam pertandingan perdana 11 mereka musim 1970.
Lakers hampir dua kali lipat total poin Cleveland. Itu sangat buruk sehingga Lakers bisa saja pergi tanpa gol di babak kedua - dan masih dipaksa lembur! ledakan itu mengganggu terutama untuk tahun pertama pelatih Cleveland Byron Scott, anggota bangga Lakers 'tim "Showtime".
"Saya pikir itu memalukan," kata Scott. "Saya katakan kepada mereka pada babak pertama, 'Kau tampak takut. Kau terlihat takut mati 'Itu saya ambil di atasnya, sesederhana itu.. "
Cavs forward Antawn Jamison berada di sebuah kehilangan kata-kata.
"Dalam 13 tahun, saya jujur bisa bilang aku tidak pernah merasa bahwa malu untuk berada di lapangan basket," katanya. "Tidak ada lagi yang benar-benar bisa mengatakan."
Cavaliers dipermalukan oleh rugi 55 poin untuk Lakers
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Kerugian Cleveland Cavaliers 'paling miring pernah memiliki pemain mereka merasa malu, sedih dan berjalan untuk menutupi.
"Saya merasa seperti aku tidak bisa bahkan menunjukkan wajah saya di Cleve," kata penjaga Mo Williams di akun Twitter setelah Los Angeles Lakers hancur Cavaliers 112-57 Selasa.
Kerugian mencetak rekor klub margin kekalahan dan titik paling sedikit dalam sebuah permainan. Ia juga mendirikan rekor Lakers untuk titik paling sedikit diperbolehkan dalam permainan.
Cleveland memiliki catatan 80-30 NBA-terburuk, setelah turun 11 dalam baris dan 21 dari 22 pertandingan terakhir mereka.
"Ini tidak bisa lebih buruk dari ini," kata forward Cavaliers Antawn Jamison wartawan. "Saya tidak tahu berapa banyak dari ini saya bisa mengambil tapi ini sejauh ini adalah dasar batu.
"Ini pasti, sejauh ini, salah satu momen paling memalukan bahwa saya sudah menjadi bagian dari sejauh permainan basket."
Bahkan LeBron James tampaknya telah masuk ke tindakan. Meskipun ia pernah secara khusus menyebutkan Dan Gilbert, pemilik Cavaliers 'tampaknya telah menjadi sasaran dimaksudkan di akun Twitter James.
"Karma adalah suatu b ****.. Gets Anda setiap saat, "berangkat dari Cavalier tweeted setelah Lakers blow-out. "(Sic) Its tidak baik untuk berharap buruk pada siapa pun. Allah melihat semuanya! "
Gilbert telah memarahi James musim panas lalu setelah ia meninggalkan untuk bergabung dengan All-Stars Dwayne Wade dan Chris Bosh dengan Miami Heat, mengatakan James akan membawa "karma buruk" ke South Florida.
Cavaliers telah menjadi salah satu tim teratas NBA sebelum James kiri. Tapi dia bukan satu-satunya alasan untuk kemerosotan mereka.
Cedera telah memukul Cleveland keras dengan starter Anderson Varejao, Daniel Gibson dan Anthony Parker semua hilang permainan Lakers.
"Mereka akan melalui masa sulit," kata forward Lakers Pau Gasol. "Sangat disayangkan. Fortune tidak di pihak mereka sekarang sejauh tetap sehat. "

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